Flow conditioner for turbine meter

Flow conditioner for turbine meter. 2. The sensor is of hard alloy bearing thrust type, which mayguarantee the precision and improve the wear resistance performance as well. But we don’t just Mar 5, 2024 · 304SS Liquid Turbine Flow Meter, 4 to 20mA Output. Any rotational velocity component in the product stream can affect a turbine meter, so flow conditioning should be installed as a good design practice. One advantage of mechanical turbine flow meters, though, is the ability to maintain a running total of gas usage by turning a simple odometer-style totalizer. Oct 1, 2017 · Document History. M&T has developed a liquid flow meter range that includes fiscal and custody transfer, pipeline measurement, terminal loading and unloading, allocation flow conditioner, meters with three, four and five paths are typically used with flow conditioners when deployed in custody transfer applications. CMOS/TTL Compatible. Achieve Precision Flow Measurement and Process Control. Canada Pipeline Accessories offers multiple flow conditioner models so that applications can be customized to use a specific style based on the line size, installation method, flow meter type and process conditions. Built with a helical rotor design, resulting in The FPR-200 flowrate sensor integrates rugged tangential turbine technology and is ideal for measuring flowrates in cooling circuits, HVAC systems and batching operations. Some types of turbine meters, for example, are intended only for installation in horizontal piping; installation in sloping or vertical piping must be reviewed with the manufacturer. International Flow Measurement Conference 2015: Advances and Developments in Industrial Flow Measurement 1-2 July 2015 Technical Paper 1 Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Flow Conditioning Gregor Brown The totalizer or flow computer is programmed with the meter’s nominal K-factor and it counts the number of pulses received from the turbine meter. 5" and 2" 3" and 4" ±0. Sep 27, 2016 · Turbine flow meters fall under the category of velocity flow meters, which operate on the principle of measuring the velocity of a fluid flowing through the meter’s pipeline, translating it into a readable volume flow rate. FTB-100 Turbine Meters are available with integral signal conditioners which provide scaled and unscaled frequencies, 4 to 20 mA, or 0 to 5 volt outputs Units without integral signal conditioners are supplied with mating connector for two-wire hook-up. The blades of this rotor are angled to transform Orientation is important for some types of meters. CPA 50E/65E vs. After reviewing the selection guide, you likely have honed in on one or two meter types. Aug 25, 2023 · The simple mechanical construction of the Vision meter provides a long lifespan without any loss of accuracy. The main purpose of experimental test of turbine flowmeter is determining the meter factor. They are built to meet the performance requirements of mS33656, though they do not carry a military specification. Improved Flow Range. 50 % under the same operating conditions. Rotor Magnetic Pickup Output Signal Figure 1: B142 turbine flow meter K-FACTOR The K-factor represents the number of output pulses transmitted per gallon of fluid passing through the turbine meter. Operating Specifications. 3. All graphics courtesy of The Vortab Company. GFC Systems VI is a specialty design for one through two and one-half inch (1” – 2. Exceptionally reliable digital outputs. Flow Measurement is the process of measuring fluid in your plant or industry. Most of the devices used with ultrasonic meters today were designed for use with turbine meter or orifice plates. Jan 12, 2017 · Improving flow measurement accuracy with flow conditioners. PA04 The basic theory behind Daniel liquid turbine meters is relatively simple. October 1, 2017. It consists of a flow tube with end connections and a magnetic multi bladed free spinning rotor/impeller mounted inside, in line with the flow. Unique for these meters is the fact they comply with all international standards and are approved for custody transfer even with smallest possible installation length. SS02019. CPA flow conditioners are an effective solution for liquid measurement applications including ultrasonic, turbine, orifice, or venturi flow meters. API MPMS Chapter 5. The flow pushes the meter’s angled blades, causing the turbine to rotate. Metering & Technology (M&T) is a leading manufacturer of high end ultrasonic flow meters, helical turbine meters and flow conditioners for liquid hydrocarbons. In some cases, the signal conditioner and converter are provided by the sensor manufacturer The Turbine Gas Meters are robust and designed to perform on the highest level of accuracy. Fig. with ultrasonic flow meters. Double Block and Bleed Orifice Fitting. Signal conditioners and signal converters are devices that represent the majority of the instrumentation requirements for transducers. These units come with a mating 2-wire connector and can be supplied with the integrally mounted signal conditioner to provide 4 to 20 ma, 0 The straightening vanes or flow conditioners should be located at a minimum of five diameters upstream of the Turbine meter. The integrated flow conditioner minimized the need for straight upstream piping to just 1 x D. It works on the principle of fluid dynamics, where the fluid’s flow velocity causes a rotor in the meter to rotate. The variation of this factor over the specified flow range represents the linearity of the flowmeter. Main Index Parts Lists Manuals/Technical Papers . NOTE: The use of explosion-proof heads does not imply that complete assembly is either explosion-proof or intrinsically safe. Long range transmission (up to1000 ft. The FTB-100 Series of turbine meters have a sealed ball bearing design for high accuracy performance (±½% of reading full scale) at an economical cost. M&T's flow conditioners (FCS series) are equipped with top hat cross-plate straightening vanes (TAC model) which ensure a fail-safe design with a superior flow profile correction. Choose from Six Output Types. 5”) turbine meter applications. Pipe: (A) Included in the upstream piping requirements when a flow straightener or flow conditioner is used Aug 5, 2022 · Repeatability < 0. Aug 1, 2017 · The FTB-1400 turbine flow meter is designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous flow measurement applications. Turbine flow meters: Turbine flow meters measure the rate of flow in a pipe or process line via a rotor that spins as the media passes through its blades. The Indicated Volume (IV) is then calculated by dividing the number of pulses received by the nominal K- factor: IV = # pulses / K-factor (Equation 1) Figure 3. Remote or integral mount with flowmeter. Vision meters are designed for flow measurement of low-viscosity, aggressive and non-aggressive liquids alike, including demineralized water, alkaline solutions, oils, salad oil, fuel/fuel consumption, beverages, water solutions and coolants. Turbine Flow Meters are easy to maintain, durable and versatile. Enhanced Performance. This research work provides point, downstream of the turbine. Linearity: +/- 1% full scale (liquid or gas) Repeatability: +/-0. They are with flow, temperature, pressure, as well as many other transducer sensor types. Fluid flow through the meter impinges upon the turbine blades which are free to rotate about an axis along the center line of the turbine housing. 5-101. Used with the right liquids, they are a very Description. The meter is prepared as standard for the installation of two thermowells which can be mounted in our factory or later when requested. They aim to create a more uniform and predictable flow pattern, enabling flow meters to operate under ideal conditions for precise measurements. Figure 2. Up to . M&T has developed a liquid flow meter range that includes fiscal and custody transfer, pipeline measurement, terminal loading and unloading, allocation The FMT-S turbine gas meter is a unique turbine meter (MID approved for fiscal use by the NMi) combining the performance of the FMT-Lx with the size of a Quanto meter. The use of flow conditioners clearly affects the reading of the meter in aerated liquids. The actual flow sensor, an exchangeable cartridge, has a build-in multi stage flow conditioner enabling the meter to be installed with limited Jul 20, 2023 · A flow conditioner is a specialized device designed to optimize flow profiles and mitigate flow disturbances to improve flow measurement accuracy. of plane flow disturbances with and without a "tab type" flow conditioner. Maintenance and service tools, flow computers and other accessories for flow measurement Jun 5, 2016 · Improved Accuracy for dP, Magnetic, Ultrasonic and Turbine Flow Meters San Marcos, CA — Process and plant engineers who need to add a liquid flow meter in already crowded equipment areas where there is an insufficient straight pipe run will find Vortab® Flow Conditioners ensure a smooth flow profile for accurate measurement by flow meters, […] The Hoffer HP Series of Insertion Turbine Flowmeters are designed for measuring liquid and gas flow in medium to large diameter pipes with accuracies inherent in the turbine flowmeter at a substantially lower price than in-line flowmeters. They provide good repeatability (better than 0. Jun 1, 2011 · The design of orifice plate meters that are independent of the initial flow conditions of the upstream is a major goal in flow metering. Many users are pushing the lower limits of ultrasonic meters in an effort to reduce the costs of installing secondary low-flow custody meters (such as a turbine or PD meter). Photo courtesy of Canada Pipeline Accessories. INDUSTRIAL METERING IMTM Turbine Meter Designed to measure gas velocity, the operating principle of the turbine meter incorporates an innovative method of conditioning flow in the meter body. We have invested time, energy, and testing to ensure a great design system, then working closely with our customers, we help pair them with the correct meter for the desired application. Jul 9, 2019 · Proper flow conditioning is highly recommended for all measurement systems, but especially for systems with differential pressure, turbine, and ultrasonic flow meters. Alternate pairs across the two LMEs are also 90º electrically out of phase. 3 and parts of API MPMS Chapter 6 cover the installation requirements and performance characteristics of turbine meters in liquid hydrocarbon service. Designed to measure gas velocity, the operating principle of Pietro Fiorentini’s turbine meters incorporates an innovative method of conditioning the flow within the meter body. Each turbine has a unique K-factor. Insertion Turbine Flow Meter – used economically usually in pipes 6” and larger in diameter. Omega’s FTB-200 Series turbine meters have male flared-end fittings for easy connections. 4 is a schematic diagram of turbine meter calibration . At this time, the turbine flowmeter in combination with a high-performance flow conditioner is widely adopted for gas and dense phase fluid measurement downstream of the gas processing plant. 1. Flow conditioning for Turbine Meters Orifice Meters Pump Suctions and other Oct 1, 2023 · The flow field analysis shows that the length of the upstream flow conditioner, the ratio of hub radius to housing inner radius, the blade tip clearance, and the blade overlap degree are the key factors that affect the performance of the gas turbine flowmeter. You can measure flow through a variety of different devices such as Coriolis, differential pressure, vortex, magnetic, ultrasonic, turbine and positive displacement meters. K2 - Turbine meter Position 3: Item 1 - Flow conditioner Position 4: Type 2 - Locking screw style straightening vane insert 3 - Captive flange style straightening vane insert Position 5: Size A - 1. This paper explores the issue s associated with using flow conditioners together. Contour™ Z Flow Conditioners are only available in flange style. The actual flow sensor, an exchangeable cartridge, has a build-in multi stage flow Turbine meters are mechanical meters that convert a fluid velocity into a rotational velocity. 50 psi (25 bar) and 212° F (100° C). We have supplied subsea flow meters with 6 Vision. The number of revolutions the device makes is proportional to the rate of flow. 1% of reading (liquid or gas) Temperature: -430° F to 400° F (optional up to Description. Turbine flow meter is the most popular equipment to measure flow electronically. inferential flowmeters. When deployed in high-accuracy demand appli cations flow meters are Advantages. Flow meters are sophisticated measuring devices that employ a range of technologies designed to quantify the rate or volume of a moving fluid, either liquid or gas, in an open or closed conduit. The model CA03, when used with a modulated carrier (RF) pickoff, generates a carrier frequency which is modulated by the rotating blades of a turbine rotor. Ideal for with high temperature pickoffs. PA1001A Mounted in Enclosure. 015% AR) at high flows and can be used at high operating pressures (to 1,200 psig) and temperatures (to 400°F). Several versions are available including fixed, adjustable, bi-directional, and high pressure. MEASURING PRINCIPLE OPERATING PRINCIPLE. The meter features a 316 stainless steel housing and rotor support, CD4MCU stainless Turbine flow meters are widely used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, water treatment, and pharmaceuticals for measuring volumetric flow rates. Most tested and accepted flow conditioner in the industry. A straightening section in the meter body conditions the gas flow by removing undesired swirl, and turbulence before it reaches the turbine The FMT-Sw turbine meters are robust and designed to perform on the highest level of accuracy. Flow capacity is 8-10 gpm to 18,000 gpm in the larger sizes. Dec 15, 2021 · Vortab flow conditioners eliminate the flow distortion effects of elbows, pipe expansion or reductions, valves, dampeners and other disrupters to produce a swirl-free, symmetrical and repeatable flow profile to the flow meter, pump, or other critical components. Dec 31, 1995 · The sensitivity of turbine flow meters to a set of disturbed velocity profiles can be used to give an indication of the errors that may occur in practical circumstances as a result of installation conditions. Both Class I and Class II meters must have mechanical registers. It consists of a multi-blade rotor (turbine wheel) mounted at right angles to the axis of the flowing fluid. Common examples are tube bundles and thick perforated plates. Adjustable Low Level Signal Filter for Noise Rejection. Pub No. The pressure drop characteristics on water for the Series 1200 Liquid Turbine Meter by line size. Series 1200 and 1500 Liquid Turbine Flow Meters can be fabricated with adjacent tube sections. Phase II of the flow conditioning project tested several sizes and types of turbine meters, strainers, and piping arrangements with various types and arrangements of commercially available flow conditioners. The multi stage flow conditioner prepares the gas flow profile by removing undesirable swirl and asymmetry The Cox Precision turbine flow meter is able to accommodate the requirements of most applications, while offering wide flow ranges. AGA 3 19-Tube Bundles In liquid applications, the CPA 50E and 65E can actually have a lower pressure drop than typical tube bundles or straightening vanes. Ordering example with turbine meter :SYS/FTB-101/FLSC-18B Add cost of turbine and signal conditioner together for system cost. sinewave) generated from the Lx Flowmeter varies from a minimum of 10mV at the lowest flow on the Lx 13 up to 1 V peak to peak for Jun 16, 2022 · Additionally, keep in mind that there are four different natural gas flow meter types: mass flow. Jul 13, 2016 · Turbine flow meters are a popular way of measuring liquid and natural gas flow. The low inertia of the rotor and vee bearings allows Jan 10, 2019 · Depending on the type of turbine flow meter, the specifications vary. We are proud to have designed and developed numerous safer products that have saved our clients time and money such as: Contour Flow Conditioner Housing. Standard C701 provides for two classes (Class I and Class II) of turbine flow meters. com Electrical Pick Up Testing Maintenance • The voltage output (A. ) 10 volts pulse output, frequency proportional to flow rate. CA04 Carrier Amplifier. Durable Metering Solution. This eliminates the effects of magnetic drag, greatly extending the range and Metering & Technology - Home. Flow conditioners are used with ultrasonic meters, turbine meters, coriolis and orifice plates where the highest possible accuracy of measurement is required. velocity meters. 3/4 NPT and larger are welded. Metering & Technology - Home. g. design of a flow conditioner in their meters resulting in products that can be used in close-coupled installations where space is at a premium. 02% over the normal flow range. 25%. Note: Signal conditioners are installed at no charge when purchased with turbine meter. The standard design is a removable cross-plate straightening vane called TAC which is inserted in a 7D or 10D long upstream spool piece. Swirl in the pipe can “confuse” many flow sensors. (b) Excessive pressure drop across the Turbine meter can cause flashing or cavitation and may even result in rotor damage. Integral flow-straightening tubes minimize the effects of upstream turbulence. The type of flow meter used will vary by application, but coriolis, differential pressure, magmeter, electromagnetic, oval gear, thermal, paddlewheel, positive displacement and ultrasonic are the most A turbine flowmeter with a high-performance flow conditioner has a U95 of ±0. The rotational speed is then converted into a volumetric flow rate. The meter is designed for installation between two flanges, and is ideal for measurement of fuel gas, production gas, vent gas and flare gas. Figure 6 – Generic Turbine Meter Rotational velocity of the Turbine meter is measured by Our dedication to innovation has allowed us to provide quality service and delivery without sacrificing our competitive prices for more than 35 years. Figure 2: Pressure Drop Chart Table 10: Series 1200 pressure drop (metric units) Flow Range No conditioner Integral flow conditioner DN25 DN40 DN50 DN80 DN100 M 3/H mBar M /H mBar M3/H mBar M3/H mBar M /H mBar Standard flow range Lobe meters can be furnished in 2-in to 24-in line sizes. Using a flow conditioner ensures that both measurement accuracy and repeatability is maximized. Linearity1. Omega's BV2000BR is a compact size turbine meter that measures flow in any orientation of fluids up to 362. Flow conditioning makes a huge effect on the accuracy of liquid turbine meter which results in flow disturbances. It works on the basic principle of a turbine. The angular (rotational) velocity of the turbine rotor is directly proportional to the fluid velocity through the turbine. 0625 to 2,000 GPM. • Dual pickup coils, used when pulse security is required • Turbine Meter Diagnostics when used with AccuLERT (see specification SS02015) PA-6 preamplifiers. They offer a wide flow and application rangeability. Also known as an axial turbine, this type of meter consists of a turbine wheel that is placed in the stream of the flow. For sizes above 6,” Honeywell offers the SM-RI-X turbine meter which is available up to constant over each flow meter’s range and is unique to the meter. The digital pulse output can be fed to companion readout devices for direct measurement of flow rate and accumulated throughput. Upstream disturbances have been observed to have the greatest impact on the flow profile of the flow stream which in turn affects flow meter accuracy. These meters are designed with a rotor that spins in the fluid stream. Normal Flow Range. Flow range capability ranges from . 19 Tube bundles by nature of their design only Options. Designed to measure velocity. Conditions modulated carrier or magnetic pickoffs. The FPR-200 flowrate sensor integrates rugged tangential turbine technology and is ideal for measuring flowrates in cooling circuits, HVAC systems and batching operations. Features an increased linear flow range with less sensitivity to fluid temperature or viscosity effect on the output. These meters are used in multiple industries to reliably measure liquids and gases. Sizes available for 6 inch to 72 inch line size. Integral Signal Conditioners Available for 4 to 20 mA, 0-5 V, and Factored Pulse Hoffer offers turbine flow meters with autoclave end connections, SAE Code 62 flanged connections, and Grayloc connections for these applications. In the case of the 30 inch meter above, the user, knowing the meter would not be used below 10 ft/sec, chose to calibrate down to 5ft/sec. Liquid Service Flow Range: 0. Used for a variety of large diameter pipe liquid and gas flow sensing applications. Jul 1, 2015 · 1 INTRODUCTION. Repeatability is ±0. Viscosity Up to 16 cSt. The general guidelines suggested by manufacturers of turbine flow meters are 15-20 straight pipe diameters (inclusive of the strainer) straight pipe runs upstream and 5 straight pipe diameters straight pipe runs downstream. The meter exhibits little sensitivity to gas density above two atmospheres pressure. As always, we will continue to provide technical support and custom solutions to the user Flow-Mon Limited, Chatsworth House, 15 Chatsworth Terrace, Harrogate HG1 5HT T 0044 (0)1423 561972 • F 0044 (0)1423 502063 • E sales@flow-mon. Wide range of measuring with very low lower flow velocity limit. Simple and firm structure easy for installation and dismantling. Data was collected on the Mass Flow Meter's Description. Since its inception, Daniel has worked tirelessly to develop and understand the keys to creating accurate and reliable flow measurements. The rotor is supported on the shaft by the ball or sleeve bearings which are placed in the flow meter FLSC-18, FLSC-28, FLSC-34, FLSC-35 and FLSC-51. The Thermal Mass Flow Meter was connected to an air flow stand that utilized a turbine flow meter as the calibration standard mounted in the turbine meter manufacturer's recommended pipe run. Economical signal conditioners by Flow Technology are designed for use with turbine flowmeters. This phenomenon can be used to get fairly accurate estimate of flow rate in low gas volume fraction liquid flows. Contour™Z Flow Conditioners include the 32-hole Zanker plate geometry. 7/1/17. While swirl and jetting problems are typically created in the vicinity of a turbine meter, measurement errors caused by pulsating flow may originate some distance from a meter. Signal Conditioner. Either using a long straight pipe, or a flow conditioner Turbine Meters Specifications. Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372. Flow Meter Comparison and Selecting the Correct Technology. The pseudo Flow Conditioner (pFC) product line was developed for small line size orifice meter applications (2-inch through 4-inch). The rotational speed is directly proportional to the velocity of the fluid traveling through the meter. natural gas used by a commercial or industrial facility) for billing. Our TAC cross-plate flow conditioner, meters with three, four and five paths are typically used with flow conditioners when deployed in custody transfer applications. Flow conditioner For DN50 to DN200, a fl ow conditioner Flow Conditioners eliminate swirl and create a symmetrical flow profile which increases the accuracy of measurement at the primary element. Originally developed for the secondary oil recovery market, the FTB-1400 is an ideal meter for liquid flow measurement on or off the oilfield. electrically out of phase. 5" J - 10" B - 2" K - 12" C - 3" L - 16" E -4" M 18" G - 6" N - 20" H - 8" Position 6: Flow straightening assembly pipe schedule 0 - 40 1 - 20 2 Contour™ CK5 Flow Conditioners are designed and manufactured to the exact geometries of the popular K-Lab / Nova design (CPA 50E®) which has achieved broad acceptance within the flow measurement industry. 25% ±0. Talk to an Expert. Flow Conditioner Installation and Effects on Turbine Meters. Body: 304 stainless steel; 1/2 NPT bodies contain Silver Solder. Pressure spikes less than the burst pressure rating do not affect the measurements. Feb 12, 2024 · The Turbine flow meter (axial flow turbine) was invented by Reinhard Woltman in 1790 and is an accurate and reliable flow meter for many liquids and gases. The Daniel Series 1500 Liquid Turbine Flow Meter may be supplied with two LMEs, offering up to four pulse outputs. HIGH PERFORMANCE FLOW CONDITIONER . The flowing gas is accelerated and conditioned by the integrated multi stage flow conditioner. Types of Flow Meters. The meter does not need to be recalibrated after retrofi tting of thermowell (as defi ned in the PTB type Approval). Class II turbine meters must register between 98. Reverse voltage protected. A turbine flow meter is used for the measurement of liquid, gas, and very low flow rates. Meter designs are available for 20,000 PSI internal pressure and external pressure up to 5,000 PSI. The swirl-free flat velocity profile created by VORTAB flow conditioners provides the ideal flow profile for this flow metering technology. PLACE ORDER. This design is often used when the purpose of the flow meter is to track total fuel gas consumption (e. The rotor is supported by a shaft that rests Download technical manuals for Flow Technology flow meters and compatible electronics. Turbine Meter – Tangential Turbine Flowmeter – capable of measuring extremely low flow rates. The desired flow profile can be achieved in a typical installation without flow conditioning using 25 to 40 pipe diameters of straight run piping before the flow element and about 4 or 5 pipe Turbine Flow Meters. volumetric flow. Liquid flow measurement. All these meters is the fact they comply with all international standards and are approved for custody transfer even with smallest possible installation length. Utilizing a properly designed perforated plate flow conditioner improves the The Honeywell Elster turbine gas meters are accurate and reliable for measuring the gas in gas distribution and transmission, industrial plants, and business operations. 5% of actual rate. Turbine flow meters use the mechanical energy of the liquid to rotate a rotor within the flow stream. The flow conditioner of claim 2 wherein said flow conditioner is located within zero pipe diameters of said flow disturbance in at approximately three pipe diameters of said meter. Omega's BV1K-2k-3k Turbine Meters comply with the lead-free provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act measuring flow in any orientation. Enhances turbine flowmeter performance Features. 15%. C. Turbine Flow Meters & Electronics. These meters operate on the principle of fluid flowing through a turbine rotor, causing it to rotate. Turbine flowmeters can also be used with other low viscosity fluids but the rate of breakdown or problems increases if you use a more viscous fluid. Bisphenol A (BPA)-free. When looking for a way to reduce plant operating costs, one of the potentially simplest and often least expensive solutions is to measure liquid and gas flow more accurately. API TR 2578. The upstream requirement can increase if, for example, there are two elbows in different planes (up to 50 straight pipe Apr 1, 2015 · This parameter is known as the “K-factor” or “meter factor” of the turbine flowmeter. flowmeter signal conditioner. CPA 50E The CPA 50E is CPA’s main flow conditioner model. See complete catalogue. Flow rate can be determined based on the turbine’s rotation rate Jan 28, 2017 · A turbine flowmeter can move clean fluids, which have a low viscosity (such as water) very easily and have a very low risk of breakdown or problems. 2. For FTB-100 and FTB-200 Turbine Flowmeters. 03 – 15,000 GPM Accuracy: FMP TURBINE SPECIFICATIONS. This was carried out on a range of petroleum liquids to try to determine which flow conditioner arrangements provide adequate turbine meter accuracy for liquid hydrocarbon applications. 1" 1. (d) Turbine Meters-A Turbine meter is one in which the primary element is kept in rotation by the linear velocity of the stream in which it is immersed. The Elster TRZ2 is available in sizes 2-6 inches and pressure classes up to ANSI 600. Class I turbine meters must register between 98-102% of actual rate at maximum flow when tested. The meter tracks the flow rate continuously, offers little resistance to flow and has a unique cartridge design that allows removal of all internal parts as one assembly. This eliminates the effects of magnetic drag, greatly extending the range and The operation of the FMT-S series of turbine meter is based on the measurement of the velocity of gas. Learn more here. A similar device which is in effect a multiple pitot tube, averages the flow profile. PA-11 Jan 2, 2023 · A turbine flow meter is a flow measurement device that measures the flow rate of a fluid (liquid or gas) flowing through it. Each meter is precisely gas velocity over a wide flow range. Jun 1, 2021 · Units without integral signal conditioners are supplied with mating connector for two-wire hook-up. 05% Accuracy. jq qp xc jd th cq jm et nu bg